Benefits Of Opting For Custom Woven Patches

Benefits Of Opting For Custom Woven Patches

It is true that there are different types of Custom Patches which are available in the market for meeting the demands of different customers. Recently you can see that the custom woven patches are gaining more limelight because it offers a lot of benefits. Threads are woven together in order to form these patches. 4 prime benefits of opting for custom woven patches are discussed below:

  • Both woven patches and embroidered patches are created by using threads, but they are different in terms of looks. If you ask for the embroidered patches then it will give an appearance of three-dimensional thick patch whereas the woven patches are very much smoother and will give a clean appearance. If you are looking for a patch that will provide polished looks then this is the right patch for you. Starting from commemorations to celebrations, this patch is widely used.
  • Woven patches are made by using threads of fine quality which makes it a long-lasting and durable option. The threads that are used for making woven patches are resistant to fading or fraying and can be washed in machines. So it is going to serve you for a very long time.
  • Woven patches are very flexible and thin in terms of appearance. It is much thinner than any other traditional patches because it does not use any substrate. So you can easily attach it with any type of fabric which requires flexibility. So you can easily attach them with shirts, jackets, blankets, pants, etc. One will not have to think about the rigidity.
  • Before you choose any type of patch you will have to decide the type of detailing you to want in the artwork. If the artwork requires a lot of detailing then opting for the woven patches will be a suitable choice than the embroidered ones. Whenever you are opting for the embroidered patches it will use the substrate while weaving the thread which will limit the amount of detail. In a woven patch, threads are used without any substrate so all the threads are held together for achieving detail.

These four benefits of woven patches make it the first choice for many people who are looking forward to using the custom patches in different garments.

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