Benefits you may reap by co-sleeping with your baby – What moms should know

Benefits you may reap by co-sleeping with your baby – What moms should know

Bed, bassinet or Moses basket? Why would you even think of choosing them when you have the option of making your baby sleep along with you on your bed? If you exclude few of the Western countries, you’ll know that co-sleeping with your baby is mostly accepted among various other societies. There are in fact few households where if you don’t co-sleep with your baby, this is considered as an irresponsible behavior as a parent. There have always been too many studies and researches on whether or not you should allow your baby to co-sleep with you. Read on to know more on this. 

Co-sleeping with your baby – What is it?

You can also call co-sleeping as sleep-sharing where you, as a parent share your bed with your baby. In other words, co-sleeping is a child or a newborn baby sleeping with both parents. Here are the few ways of co-sleeping. 

  • Bed sharing is where either one or both the parents share their bed with their baby
  • In case of different beds same room, the baby sleeps in a bassinet or in a crib along with its parents in the same room
  • The sidecar arrangement is where the crib or the kids recliner is attached to one side of the bed, probably near the mom

Potential benefits when you co-sleep with your baby


  • Breastfeeding gets easier


When you have a newborn, there are many night-time feeds that you have to provide to your baby and these become easier when you co-sleep with your baby. You don’t require leaving your bed and the breastfeeding relationship is also built in a better manner. Over a span of 24 hours, they even get more sleep.


  • Reduced risk of SIDS


According to a research which was published in Paediatric Respiratory Reviews, it was revealed that when babies co-sleep, there is less risk for infant death syndrome as compared to babies who sleep along. Did you know that the lowest rates of SIDS in the world are equivalent to the highest rates of co-sleeping? The instance of SIDS are considered the lowest wherever co-sleeping is common. 


  • Kids grow up to be more confident


As per a pediatrician, it was believed that kids who tend to co-sleep usually grow up to be more confident and less anxious and they also tend to be well-adjusted rather than children who don’t tend to co-sleep. Due to the increased attachment or bonding that the child develops from the mom, they grow up to be more confident. Young kids can get internalized with the environment which can then get developed into the way they view the world. 


  • The father develops a bond with the child


When your baby co-sleeps with you, not only does the mom develop a bonding with the child but the father may also be able to develop the bonding. This is advantageous for the dad as well. 

Therefore, whenever you’re eager to consider co-sleeping, keep in mind the above listed benefits so that you can help you child grow up to be a confident individual. 

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