Buying a Standing Desk: Choosing IKEA or Autonomous

Buying a Standing Desk: Choosing IKEA or Autonomous

Two popular furniture brands make up a big part of the office desk debate. Do users go with IKEA desks for a standing solution, or Autonomous? One is known for the build it yourself style that many stores copy today, and the other is a leading manufacturer and innovator of all things ergonomic office furniture. It’s not wonder why so many ask the question. Standing desks offer much more long term benefits to workers who sit at an office all day. For 40 hours or more a week, sitting for a majority of that time can really take a toll on the individual. In fact, a lot of users of standing desks see results within the first month of the new setup. So, when shopping for the newest and best product in standing desk technology, do shoppers have a better time with IKEA or Autonomous?

Autonomous SmartDesk 2: Why to Buy

The best part of the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 is the ability to make it personal to any worker or office. In fact, the DIY model of the SmartDesk 2 is actually the most affordable, meaning users do not have to pay more to have more creative freedom to the standing desk design. The Home Edition of the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 is sleek for people who work at home, and best of all, it saves space so an office turned from a bedroom is not too full or crowded. The Business Edition, which serves as the best version of the desk, is an affordable price and features more than any other standing desk on the market. No more manual adjustments; the SmartDesk 2 makes sure to keep everything from computers and monitors safe while adjusting the desk up or down with an electric motor. Make sure to program favorite spots into the keypad, and start enjoying standing desk benefits as soon as the product reaches the front door.

IKEA Standing Desk

The IKEA standing desk model that is most popular is called the BEKANT desk, and offers less features than the Autonomous option. Unfortunately, it costs more too. It is easy to buy and pick up in store, but for less cash and more benefits, users should choose the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 from It’s the best way to stand and work at the office, and the best price too.

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