Duffle Bags are meant to be keeping the belongings safe and secured

Duffle Bags are meant to be keeping the belongings safe and secured

The leather duffle bag is meant to hold the stuffs in a proper and more convenient way than any other bags. Duffle bags are manufactured for the purpose to carry a lot of items all together. These also help to find the belongings quiet fast that are kept inside the duffle bags.

The best material that could be used to produce duffle bags is good quality tanned leather. The best sold leather duffle bag is mentioned below:

  • 12 Liftoff Weekender
  • Louis Vinton eclipse keep all
  • Bottega Veneta duffle bag
  • The North base camp duffle

  1. 12 Liftoff Weekender- This type of duffle bags have a rectangular base and tapering into a round top. It is easier to carry the bag on the back. It has a zipper closing system attached in the bag for the proper safety of the things inside the bag. The leather for these duffle bags is made from vegetable tanning process.
  2. Louis Vinton eclipse keeps all- This duffle bag depicts the high class and standard of the person carrying it. This duffle bag is not covered with leather, as it is covered with cotton canvas. Its light weight makes it most expensive. This is a luxurious leather product which could not be afforded in everyone’s budget.
  3. Bottega Veneta duffle bag- This type of leather duffle bag is made up of glove leather. Skins of the cow are traditionally used in a criss-cross pattern that makes the weight of the bag much lighter. This bag uses brick red colour to gain popularity and unique.
  4. The North base camp duffle– These bags are laminated with ballistic nylon which makes it light weight. They have facilities of zippered pockets. This bag makes the stressful trekking or climbing the mountains and many such jobs much easily completed.

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