Few Interesting Facts on the Origin of Pearls

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The beauty and dazzling pearls have always been admired by its onlooker, wearers and jewelers worldwide. Pearls are stated to be nature’s gift for men, thus pearls are even known as mystical gemstone.

Earlier pearls could be only found in handful of oysters present in sea beds. Thus, pearls were quite expensive and could never be afforded by common men. Slowly the naturally available pearls began to disappear, fortunately in the beginning of the 19th century Mikimoto, a Japanese found the process to form cultured pearls. The man-made pearls were exact replica of the original pearls, thus soon became a favorite of every jewel seeker. Today, the cultured pearls are sold both online and land-based shops. Online sites like pearlsonly.com sell some of the best kinds of pearls at reasonable price. They have wide range of choice of pearls as preferred by today’s stylish customer.

More about origin of pearls

Pearls are formed in nature by mollusks which origin to prevent irritant like sand and insects to spoil the interior of oyster. Layers of nacre are formed around the irritant to make it unmovable in the oyster. After many years the nacre layers change into lovely pearls.

Cultured pearls are not different from natural pearls. However, the only difference is that the irritant is introduced in good quality oysters by men. In Japanese pearls like Akoya tiny sphere of mother pearl is inserted in the oyster around which deposit of mollusks creating a superior quality pearl. The pearls grow up to 9mm however fresh waters can grow up to 15mm diameter.

The colors of the pearls vary in accordance to the temperature of the water and the content of the water nurturing oyster. Even the climate of the place has a lot to contribute in making of charming pearl gemstones.

The cultivation time period required is normally about two years to make high quality pearls. The cultivation of cultured sea water pearls and fresh water pearls are quite different. Thus, the quality, color and luster of the pearls kind of differ marginally. Whatever may be the process involved in the origin of pearls they are durable and best suitable to be embedded in any delicately patterned ornaments.

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