Fine Quality for the Best t Shirt Usages

Fine Quality for the Best t Shirt Usages

In addition to the cut or the shape of a t-shirt, we can note some crucial points to determine its level of quality. The first thing to do in the shop is obviously to touch it and ask the right questions.

  • Is the fabric thin or thick?
  • Is it soft or rough?
  • Are the seams straight and do not curl the fabric?
  • Where is it made?
  • With what fabric?

On the web as in shop, the best reflex that we can have is to look carefully at the composition of the t-shirt. The market is extremely dense, it is with experience that we learn to be less mistaken about the supposed quality of a particular model and that we build a hard core of recurring brands. Nevertheless, here are some generalities about the quality signs of a t-shirt:

  1. Start by running low-end t-shirts

Let’s start by taking the problem in reverse. We do not teach you anything if you are told that a t-shirt bought at € 5 in a big sign is far from the best of t-shirts. Among the mommy and me outfits you can choose the best option now.

Of course, we understand that it is not always easy to say that you have to put a little more in a t-shirt, while in the end, it will quickly pay and will not be put aside after several months of wearing. Here are the different reasons to avoid low-end t-shirts:

The fabric: over the ports, the fabric will quickly break, lose its initial shape or make lint.

Transparency: which says fine fabric, says necessarily transparency, a white entry-level t-shirt is the perfect illustration.

The cut: Sometimes too tight or too loose, the cut will not necessarily worked, it will not necessarily showcase. If the t-shirt does not have a seam, it is a tubular piece. Same problem for the sleeves, they will be too wide.

Comfort: a jersey of poor quality is not necessarily comfortable to wear. Same observation, even worse for synthetic materials.

The washing: after several washes, the fiber will be damaged and the t-shirt will quickly lose its shape.

Pay attention to the fabric and its weight

As mentioned above, a t-shirt can be composed of different materials, cotton being the main. Of course, in addition to other features such as cutting, mounting or finishing, the choice of fabric and its weight is not to be overlooked when looking for a t-shirt. For the baby gifts from uncle this is the best deal.

We will then rather move towards natural and breathable materials. Only, unlike shirts, the gram mage is here a guarantee of quality, but especially of durability. A thinner and lighter t-shirt will be less solid than a thicker t-shirt. If we look at the low-end offer (found in major fast fashion brands), we are on a weight generally between 120 and 140 grams. On this kind of parts, we must not forget that they have an extremely limited life, a season, or two if you are optimistic. We advise you to put more than fifteen euros in this kind of t-shirt, instead prefer to put a little more to have a t-shirt of intermediate quality entry level. A t-shirt that could be described as standard has a gram mageunderstood between 145 and 155 grams.

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