Follow this Handy Guide on Buying a Car Seat and Stroller for Your Baby

Follow this Handy Guide on Buying a Car Seat and Stroller for Your Baby

Many parents prefer to invest in an infant car seat for their baby to travel in a car and many prefer investing in a stroller, but most of the parents are not aware of having stroller and car seat integrated into one that can be used together. This helps in moving the baby quickly from your car to the stroller without any hassle. When considering to invest in one, PinkiBlue divides it into two distinct periods.

  • Infant car seat era.

This is meant for 0-6 month old babies. This is because they don’t have the neck or core muscle strength to sit upright. So, all you need here is bassinet or stroller than works with infants or infant car seat with an adapter for attaching it to the frame of the stroller.

  • Full size strolling epoch

This is meant for 7 month to 3 year old babies. This is for babies when they love exploring the surroundings outside and still cannot walk long distances. Many parents use this mainly for 2 to 3 year old babies. Know that the stroller works differently when your child is an infant and when they become toddlers. When centering too much on the infant phase, then go for the infant era.

Types of Car Seat Strollers

  • Car Seat Frame Strollers

This minimalist stroller works on an infant car seat carrier that holds a baby. These strollers have limited durability and works as long as the baby can easily fit in the infant car seat. These are very convenient to use. These frame strollers are light in weight, easily foldable and compact for versatile storage options.

  • Travel Systems

These bundled sets entail stroller as well as infant car seat in one box and sold as a package. They may be attractively priced and conveniently packaged, don’t be tempted to invest in them impulsively as they may tend to lack a few features.

  • Strollers with car seat adapters

These strollers have adapters that let a car seat attach to them. If you want a long term stroller, then choose the one that goes with your car seat. Choose an infant car seat first, then a stroller as the car seat is more essential for safety purposes. Also considering buying those strollers with adapters that come with a simple click in car seat connection. Checkout jogging stroller safety for help. 

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