Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day during the COVID-19 crisis

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day during the COVID-19 crisis

With Mother’s Day fast approaching in the United States (Sunday, 10 May, for your records), the chances are that you’re wondering what you can buy your loved one. And in these truly challenging and uncertain times, you’re probably not going to want to spend an afternoon in the shopping mall – that is, if your mall is still open. With large parts of the world going into lockdown or self-isolation, what can you buy your mom to put a smile on her face? We’ve rounded up our favorite options to give you food for thought and help make the right choice.

Entertainment subscription

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Apple TV+ are no longer nice-to-haves; they’re pretty much essential if you’re in self-isolation. Why not gift your mom a subscription to one of these services and set her up an account so she can watch as many movies and TV shows as she can during her period of lockdown? Alternatively, gift her an Audible subscription so she can listen to her favorite authors’ ebooks, or Apple Music so she can sing and dance.

Lockdown food hamper

With supermarkets and malls reporting shortages on essentials like canned foods and toilet paper, putting together a hamper full of delicious snacks and foods for your mom is another good idea. You can shop for her favorite wine, chocolates, chips, and snacks, and put them all together in a cute hamper basket with bows. You’ll show her how much you care, and your gift will be truly useful and save your mom from having to head to a local grocery store.

Thoughtful jewelry

Though many stores are now closed, online stores are running as per usual, so you can buy a piece of jewelry for your mom that means something special. Whether you buy a few new charms for her bracelet or choose something more meaningful like a piece of Celtic cross jewelry direct from Ireland, hallmarked by the Assay Office in Dublin Castle, there are many options to consider. Shop around and choose a bracelet or necklace over a ring as you’re less likely to send stuff back or get the right size when our postal service is super stretched.

Voucher for the future

During a time of crisis, it can feel as though the world we knew has changed forever and that it is all doom and gloom. And though there’s no denying the challenges ahead, planning for a happier time is also sensible. Consider giving your mom a gift voucher or a homemade gift certificate that she can redeem for a day out with her kids once the virus goes away. And in the meantime, you can FaceTime your mom on Mother’s Day and plan your big adventures.

We hope that these Mother’s Day gift ideas can give you some food for thought. Whatever you end up buying your mom, remember to practice social distancing and remember that more positive days will be coming. We wish you and your family good health and happiness.

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