How to Properly Care for Your Baby’s Crib Sheet Protector and Other Bedding

How to Properly Care for Your Baby’s Crib Sheet Protector and Other Bedding

It is well known that 99% of an infant’s life is sent in bed sleeping. Essentially this means that the baby’s sleeping sanctuary should be at its best state. It must be kept clean, safe and conducive for your baby’s overall well being.

But how can you ensure your baby’s sleeping space is safe for them? Remember, the little one’s skin is very sensitive, and that means their bedding should be free from dirt and any substance that can irritate their delicate skin. Therefore is critical that you give proper care for your baby’s beddings nursery decor sets.

Here’s how to care for your baby’s crib sheet protector and other bedding. 

Remove Everything from the Crib

It’s not enough to wash your baby’s waterproof crib sheets. You need to go the extra mile to ensure everything is clean, from the crib skirt to the baby blankets. Remember, you’d like your baby to sleep in a clean place. So, why not remove the entire bedding when cleaning? You can also air the crib mattress to keep it fresh. It’s very important to do this. 

Use Baby-Safe Detergent

Your baby’s skin is very sensitive and can easily get irritated. Therefore, apart from getting the organic crib sheets, you need to use baby-friendly detergents that can’t irritate their skin. Skin rash is the last thing you’d like to deal with. So, make sure you wash the baby’s bedding using the right detergent. Usually, some detergents are specifically made for nursery decor sets. However, if you aren’t sure which detergent to use, seek help from shops that sell baby products.

Use Warm Water 

It’s just fine to use cold water to clean your baby bedding, but it’s preferable to wash them in hot or warm water. Washing your crib sheets in warm or hot ensures that they’re properly disinfected. Therefore, you don’t have to deal with many germs. So, before you take the crib sheets to the drier, make sure they’re properly washed in warm or hot water. 

Remove the Stains

Sometimes poop may spill to the crib sheets as your little one is taking an afternoon nap. Of course, this will stain the crib sheets. So, as you’re washing the baby bedding make sure you leave it stain-free after every wash. Some stains may be hard to remove, but that’s why stain removal detergents are there. You can get a baby-friendly stain removal detergent from any shop that sells baby products. Apply the chemical on the stain and wash it clean.

Change the Bedding Regularly

Don’t let your baby sleep on the same bedding for more than two days. That’s not healthy for the little one. To make the work easier for you, make sure you’ve got extra crib sheets. At least you’ll have enough to keep changing. Again, changing the sheets regularly prevents stain accumulation.


A crucial part of taking care of your little bundle of joy is ensuring the environment is clean. Even more important is the beddings which make direct contact with baby’s skin. Remember proper hygiene translates to healthy baby!

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