How To Wear Sunglasses Like Your FavouriteCelebrities

How To Wear Sunglasses Like Your FavouriteCelebrities

Want to look like your favourite actors and actresses? Check out paparazzi photos and you will surely notice the oversized sunglasses that most celebrities are wearing. They’re not only concealing their identities from the public eye, they also use these designer sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and to express their fashion mood for that moment.

The next time that you go shopping for sunglasses, consider these tips and look like your favourite Tinseltown star:

Paris Hilton. Paris is a huge fan of oversized sunglass frames. If you want to look like one of today’s most sought-after socialites, find a pair that resembles any of the Versace 2022 collection. They’re very girly, attention-grabbing, and chic at the same time. You can pair these sunglasses with any type of get-up. But if you want to look close to Paris, match them with your skimpy party clothes.

Brad Pitt: They say that he’s the sexiest man alive today. Well, now you too can be! The secret lies in a pair of a classic Ray-Ban Sunglasses. Aviators are the pair of choice for our Brad, so look like Mr. Pitt in his talked-about portrayals in “Legends of the Fall.” This aviator eyepiece is classic and is guaranteed to always be a huge trend. They will look best when paired with casual clothes, but strangely enough work pretty well with some formal looks too. Maybe you just have to be Brad Pitt!

Sienna Miller: Want to look hot like Sienna Miller? You will get your fair share of attention if you use a pair of retro Gucci shades. Consider cat-eye shapes if you want an attention-grabbing catwalk along the busy streets of New York.

So, look like a celebrity now!


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