Is It Worth Investing On TV Wall Mounts?

Is It Worth Investing On TV Wall Mounts?

If you’ve been fretting over blocked space taken by corner TV stands, then it’s time to update your house with TV wall mounts for the purpose of giving the room a less cramped appearance. Besides, TV wall mounts aren’t just decorative pieces, they have other benefits as well. The best benefits that you’re supposed to know before buying one include the following.

  1. Having a TV wall mount increases the life of your TV sets
  2. TV wall mounts are perfect for houses with pets and kids
  3. TV wall mounts are reliable and durable sources to secure LEDs and LCDs, and even Plasma TV sets at times

Best TV Wall Mounts You Must Consider When Buying One For Your House

When planning to buy a TV wall mount, do not just buy any piece randomly. There are many things to consider while buying a mount. The most important ones are given below.

  • Weight of the TV set and the weight holding capacity of the TV mount
  • Dimensions of the TV sets
  • Size of the room so that the mount doesn’t look out of place
  • Your budget

Having said that, you can buy any one of the following TV wall mounts depending upon your requirements.

  1. PrimeCables® Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

This tv wall mount at is an absolutely stunning option for flat screens and Plasma TVs with a 37″ to 70″ display screen. Its highlight features include the following.

  • It can hold TV sets as heavy as 50 kgs
  • It flaunts a tilt angle of +10°/-20° that allows flexibility to adjust the viewing angle at proper alignment with your eyes
  • With ±60° swivel, it can also be rotated by ±3°
  1. Angle Free Tilt Mount W/Safety Lock

This is one of the safest TV wall mount that’s ideal for 26″ to 55″ LEDs, LCDs, and PDP’s. Other noteworthy features about this angle-free TV wall mount are given below.

  • It can be used to mount TV sets as heavy as 40 kgs
  • It features a magnetic bubble mounting option for easy installation
  • It offers a tilt angle of ±10°
  1. Tilting Flat Panel TV Ceiling Mount

Absolutely luxurious and strong, this ceiling mount can hold flat screens between 23″ to 37″. The ideal weight that it can hold is as high as 45kgs. Some of its highlight features include the following.

  • It has a 360° swivel
  • It has a time angle of +15˚
  • It is made of heavy-duty steel
  • It has a secure locking mechanism to save the TV set for dropping

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