Men Styles with the Simple Flip Flops

Men Styles with the Simple Flip Flops

The man with classic style should be well dressed: shorts, shirt, his accessories and a flip flop more suited to his profile, with leather sole and strips of unique color. Ideal for all places, this model reveals a more relaxed profile, however, it imposes respect, besides being always a great option for never going out of style.

  • In relation to the style of modern man, clothing can differentiate. Currently each one creates their fashion and style. For this fashion in which diversity reigns, some care is needed: the exaggeration is never good, the shoe prints should not be too flashy, because the main thing is not the flip flop, but who is wearing. One should also take care of innovations such as extra holes.
  • The clothes we wear influence the respect we deserve and the repercussion of the image we pass. So, even with a branded flip flop and in great condition, in a more formal environment or with inappropriate clothing, the man will be seen as relaxed.

Therefore, wearing flip flops correctly is simple, just take basic care: buy quality flip flops, take good care of shoes and do not overdo the models.

After hours and hours of work, nothing better than getting home and putting on the comfortable Black Havaianas flip flops, is not it? Even more for those who work standing all day. Not only for rest, but also for walks, shopping malls, cinemas, among other places, the flip flop has already become an indispensable item in the day to day of the most stylish as well. However, despite exuding comfort and casualness, many people still have doubts about how to use this darling of the present time in their looks. If you are one of these people, stay calm, we have the solution. In this matter, we will give you tips on how to use the flip flops in their looks, plus tips on how to combine them, come on?

The flip flops, in combinations with fresh and simple looks, seem, for the most part, stripped and even “dropped” too. But, we can say that there are great options to ensure the style with this little darling that is the flip flop. And nothing nicer and perfect for that, than the famous flip flops.

How about understanding first how the flip flop came along?

The first flip flop came in ancient Egypt, about 3500 BC they were leather sandals with papyrus soles and protecting the feet from the scorching sands. As a more casual item in the wardrobe, the flip flop adds style to numerous looks.

The stylist and producer explains that the practicality of the flip flops does not prevent the style, on the contrary: “There are several models, including some more elaborate in different formats, that were designed just to bring more style to those who are wearing.”

Tips for Productions with Flip flops

Creating looks with the flip flops is not difficult, just take care when combining. The stylist Fraise explains: “There are not many limits when used in due occasions and proportions with the look. The piece will always refer to something more informal, light and sporty, so indoors environments are not the most appropriate places to wear neither flip flops, nor refined looks with long dresses and materials, such as silk or jeans.

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