Seven Brilliant Ways to Reuse Your Poly Bags

Seven Brilliant Ways to Reuse Your Poly Bags

Though many people tried hard to reduce the usage of plastic bags by replacing them with reusable shopping bags, the plastic bags are thrown away from many homes without looking for some reusing ways. But it is not good to throw them away instead store them all in a plastic refuse fill. Here we will discuss some techniques to reuse poly bags.

  1. Pack your fragile things:

Never throw the plastic bags to the dustbin after using it for only one time. You can use them to pack the fragile items present in your home and store them safely in the storeroom. Some breakable things stay safe when you pack them using poly bags and store them in boxes and make a note of those things on the boxes by writing.

  1. Save Paint Brushes & Rollers:

Sometimes, you do painting work for your home with the help of painters. To take a break in between the painting jobs, you can save all the paint-related things like brushes, rollers, etc. in poly bags. When you warp the plastic bags properly, the wet brushes and rollers stay ready for several hours to do the painting task.

  1. Protect your Plants:

In a cold climatic condition, to protect your plants from overnight frost, you need to cover it using a polybag. The polybag protects the plants from the cold climate and provides warm air to boost the roots and branches.

  1. Line your Dustbins:

When you reuse poly bags to line small trash or dustbin in your bathroom or bedroom, you can easily dispose of the waste particles. To get access to old grocery plastic bags, you can store in an empty tissue box and take it whenever you want. So it is easy to grab the poly bags from a tissue box and line the trash can.

  1. Produce Textured Paint Surfaces:

Most painting and glazing techniques can also be done by reusing the poly bags. They reuse poly bags in such a way by covering the paint roller with a plastic bag. When they use such a roller to paint the wall, it will create a textured paint surface. You can also achieve a faux leather look by using a compressed plastic bag to create some random patterns on the wall.

  1. Sew Reusable Sandwich Wraps:

You can sew your sandwich wraps by reusing the poly bags. In addition to the reuse of poly bags, you can avoid the use of plastic zip lock bags to wrap the sandwich. To sew a wrap, you need to fuse many layers of poly bags by ironing them all. You need to iron by placing a parchment paper between them and sew it with a cloth piece. To get a pocket, attach a Velcro and pack the sandwiches inside it. This follows an eco-friendly method.

  1. Line a Paint Tray:

Use poly bags to line the paint trays, which save you work of cleaning the paint tray frequently. When you cover the paint trays with a polybag all over them, you can pour the paint for using it to paint on the wall. Later on, you can remove the polybag from the tray, and you can see the tray is free from mess and stain.

With these seven tips, you can reuse poly bags in the best way, and all such tasks reduce your time, money, and effort.


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