Styling Tips for mothers of the bride

Styling Tips for mothers of the bride

As the wedding season approaches, we become anxious and excited. So, much functions, music, and an opportunity to create a new style. Our heart skips a beat. However, dressing for wedding functions is challenging. One needs to consider many aspects, including colors. Certain colors are an absolute no for a wedding. Here, in this article, we have written some tips on how mothers of the bride can amp their look.

Remember, many mothers of bride dresses available in the market, but certain dos and don’ts need to adhere to during the wedding season.

  1. Start shopping early

Just as a bride should never shop at the end moment, similarly the bride’s mother should also start shopping at least six to seven months early before the wedding date, thus, leaving enough time for alteration.  Also, by this time, the bride’s wedding dress will be ready, so you can easily create a theme or a color coordinate with her.

  1. Talk to her mother in law before you start shopping.

In olden times, the bride’s mother used to buy the dress first and then inform the groom’s mother, to shop her ensemble. This tip is traditional, but it works. You can call her a week before you plunge into shopping and color coordinate with her too. It will open the gates of communication and will benefit you in the long run. Also, this will help you to stay in sync with each other.

  1. Start searching for bright shades.

As the moment is so happy, don’t buy a dull dress for the occasion.  Weddings mean a pop of color and brightness. You can buy traditional dresses, western dresses and pair them up with the right accessories. It will help you to stand out. You can even mix and match with a bridesmaid. It will make the event memorable.

  1. Ditch the old reds

Keep the red color reserved for the brides. Though times have changed and brides prefer wedding gowns and dresses in different shades, they end up wearing red somehow, be it an embellished gown, jewelry or clutch. Since you are shopping for mothers of bride dresses, do not upstage the bride by opting for a red dress. There are many shades available in the market. You can select from pastels and pair them up with bright hues.  It will give you a chic look.

  1. Discuss with your daughter

Before you start shopping for a dress, talk to your daughter about what kind of attire you are looking for, and chances are she will give you some ideas. If possible, you can go together for shopping. Ask her does whether V neckline dress is suitable for your age or is it revealing, whether you should wear a pantsuit or traditional wedding dress, and which color looks ideal on you. While you have the right to decide which clothing is appropriate for you, hear her get new ideas. Check out the online stores and search for dresses that you hesitate to wear generally. You will be surprised to see the collection.

  1. Go beyond traditional

Instead of asking traditional mothers of bride dresses, you can search for formal attire or gowns instead. There is a wide array of options available in the online stores. Remember, the mother of the bride dress needs not to be conservative; you are allowed to search for different options.

  1. Jewelry

 A classic gold necklace never goes out of style. The market has so many options to select from.

Final Thoughts

These points will help you to become the star of the evening at your daughter’s wedding.  It’s time to start dressing!

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